Meet the Ponto 5 Mini!

Meet the Ponto 5 Mini!


Have you heard about the Ponto™ 5 Mini? Still the world’s smallest bone anchored hearing device, our newest sound processor contains technology that gives wearers like you outstanding sound quality while preserving the design and functionality you’ve come to depend on. The Ponto 5 Mini offers a revolutionary approach to feedback and gives you access to sound coming from all directions. It also comes with RemoteCare for Oticon Medical allowing you to have your Ponto 5 Mini sound processor adjusted remotely from the comfort of home.


It’s all about BrainHearing

For over 30 years, BrainHearing™ has been the foundation of everything we do. Based on extensive research, BrainHearing is all about how to best support your brain’s natural hearing processes especially when your environment becomes challenging, such as in a noisy restaurant or crowded bar. Recent research confirms that this open soundscape gives the brain with what it needs to provide better speech understanding with less listening effort1. The Ponto 5 Mini still features the OpenSound Navigator™, which by providing you with access to 360 degrees of sound, offers improved speech understanding and requires less listening effort to make sense of sound.


What’s new in the Ponto 5 Mini

Other BrainHearing technology now available in the Ponto 5 Mini includes the OpenSound Optimizer™, which gives you access to more sound than ever before. Enjoy the full dynamics of sound without having to worry about any interference thanks to the OpenSound Optimizer detecting and preventing audible feedback before it occurs2 without reducing gain or removing the dynamics of sound. Enjoy optimal gain throughout the day without audible feedback—an overall improvement in sound quality and no annoying whistling noises to distract you from hearing what you want.

Another new feature meant to make your life easier is the user-friendly Oticon RemoteCare platform. You can now attend follow-up appointments and have adjustments made to your Ponto 5 Mini remotely. Simply log into the Oticon RemoteCare app and attend an online fitting, where your hearing care professional can adjust existing programs, create new programs, turn on features, and provide counseling. Save time and effort on follow-up appointments and still enjoy the best possible care from your HCP.

Robust and reliable

The Ponto 5 Mini has been extensively tested so you can be sure it meets the most stringent safety and quality standards. You can depend on your new Ponto 5 Mini to deliver the performance you need, whatever your lifestyle!



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